DAGA Munich

Dr. phil. Monika Gatt from the Gerhard Zeidler Endowed Professorship for Vibroacoustics of Vehicles and Machines invited me to talk about the “Philosophy of Noise” at the DAGA conference for Acoustics in Munich.

I rediscovered and played an improvised piece by Beat Keller on acoustic guitar and myself on drums. I hope you enjoy listing.

Founding Malletmuse

I’m founding a new label with famous American vibraphonist David Friedman. The first release of Malletmuse Records is called “Thursday”. It’s the very first record of David’s new “Generations Trio” with Oliver Potratz on bass and myself on drums. We are very happy about this album!

You can have a listen here!

This album will be available for high quality download at our online shop on 29th march 2018. The physical release is on 12th april 2018.

The cover photo was taken by Oliver Potratz and the artwork was made by Liz Kosack.


Tilo Weber


Welcome to my blog. I am a drummer from Aachen and currently living in Berlin. This blog shares my thoughts and offers mostly unreleased material. Please visit my homepage, if you want to know more about me and my work.

I hope you enjoy reading, watching and listening.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me: tiloweber.drums(at)gmail.com

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The Photo was taken by Simona Turk.